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Three amazing off grid homes you can buy today

Three Amazing Off Grid Homes You Can Buy Today

Those of you that are interested in living a freer, more sustainable lifestyle will know that the actual process of finding an off grid home for sale is no easy feat. 

While platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are packed with photos that showcase heaps of awesome off grid properties, rarely are we provided with the required information as to where we can make a purchase of our own.

With that being said, I’ve done some research of my own to find three off grid homes that you can actually buy today. 

Before I delve into my list, I thought it would be a good idea to briefly explain what an off grid home actually is. Feel free to skip this section you already have a firm understanding!

What is an off grid home?

Off grid living not only refers to the actual home itself, but to the lifestyle and system implemented by the person living in it, too.  The overarching aim of living in an off grid home is to live a life of financial independence, self-sufficiency, and long-term freedom from government bureaucracy. 

For example, as off grid homes are usually purchased at a cost significantly lower than a conventional, on-site constructed property, people are often able to buy their home outright. As such, they are never indebted to third-party financial institutions in the form of a 30+ year mortgage agreement. 

By being self-sufficient, off grid homes can also benefit from renewable energy sources. Whether its solar panels or cost-effective wind turbines, renewable, clean and zero-emission energies allow off grid residents to break-free from multinational utility companies.

When it comes to the status quo of government interference, off grid homes are usually situated in remote areas. Residents will often choose to live within off grid communities, or alternatively, far from other inhabitants, period.

Ultimately, the main concept of buying and living in an off grid home is to live a life of true freedom, and thus, enjoy a burden and stress-free existence.  

So now that you know what an off grid home actually is, I’m now going to present you with three unconventional properties that you can actually buy today! 

NOTE: Don’t forget, these homes might be manufactured by a company located outside of the country you reside in. It might be possible that they have the capacity to ship the home to you, if applicable. However, you’ll need to check this out for yourself directly with the manufacturer. 

Off grid homes for sale: Three of my personal favourites

  1. The Wikklehouse

OK, so I know what you’re about to say when I tell you that this beauty of an off grid home is made using cardboard. Yes, cardboard. However, let me tell you that the innovative manufacturer’s behind the Wikklehouse project know a thing or two about durability.

So, without getting too technical, the building process utilizes institutional-grade cardboard that consists of 24 individual layers. 

Do you remember when you were a child and your classroom buddy challenged you to fold a single piece of paper more than six times? If so, then you’ll remember that achieving this was nothing short of impossible. Imagine attempting the same impossible task but to a challenge of 24 folds? 

This, my friends, is the Wikklehouse.

Off Grid Wikkelhouse

In terms of attaching the 24 layers of cardboard together, the manufacturer’s utilize a house-shaped mould, while ensuring that the glue itself is eco-friendly. 

As the Wikklehouse is manufactured off-site, you essentially have the freedom to design your own layout. This, of course, includes the size of the off grid home that you decide you need. 

Moreover, as each part of the home is made up of 1.2 meter segments, you can easily make amendments further down the line. This means that you can add additional rooms, say, in the event that you need to welcome a new addition to the family!

When it comes to the inside of the off grid home, your options are limitless. For example, the manufacturer offers a number of packages that includes smart home appliances. Whether it’s a bespoke kitchen, bathroom or study, the internal layout is yours to design.

In terms of how much the off grid home costs, this will ultimately depend on the size, layout, and specific configurations that you need. However, the team at Wikkelhouse do advise that prices start from 30,000 Euros (about $33,000), plus VAT. 

On the other hand, the manufacturer’s also note that most of the orders that they receive are in the 50,000-85,000 Euros region (about $55,000-$95,000). Nevertheless, this does offer tremendous value when you consider what you are getting. In terms of where you can have the Wikklehouse delivered, at the time of writing this includes the following countries. 

  • Belgium
  • Germany 
  • the UK
  • Luxembourg 
  • the Netherlands 
  • France 
  • Norway 
  • Sweden 
  • Denmark 
  • Finland

Sorry, North Americans, you’re not covered in this instance. 

Finally, due to an ever growing customer base, Wikkelhouse explain that orders normally take around eight months before they are delivered.

Want to find out more about the Wikklehouse? Go straight to the manufacturer’s website here

  1. Tiny Heirloom

If you’re based in the US, and looking for a cost-effective off grid home that will give you the freedom to up-sticks at the drop of a hat, then you’re in luck. 

Tiny Heirloom – an Oregon-based, family-run off grid specialist, has homes for sale that start from just $54,900. This is great news for those of you on a budget that want to become an off grid homeowner, without being tied to a super long mortgage.

The most cost effective model – known simply as the Strawberry, is a notable 28′ long, 11′ high, and 8.5′ wide. All in all, this amounts to 238 square feet, alongside an additional 60 square feet of loft storage.

Although this is likely to require significant downsizing to what you are used to, the Strawberry off grid home literally has everything that you’ll ever need. This includes a spacious bathroom, and enough space to install a queen size bed. 

On an even brighter note, the off grid homes sold by Tiny Heirloom come as turn-key ready. For those unaware, this means that you can effectively move in the moment the home is delivered, as everything you need is included in the price. 

If you do need more space, then Tiny Heirloom have a number of more premium off grid homes for sale. This includes a 45’ model that comes with 3 bedrooms, granite sinks, and built-in sofas!

Once again, this is one of the beauties of purchasing an off grid home, as you have the chance of getting involved in the entire end-to-end design process. 

If you really want to live off the grid by owning your own home, but you just don’t have enough to afford it, Tiny Heirloom have parterend with KFG to offer financing. 

While I understand that you probably don’t want to be indebted by a third-party lender, this might be your only option if you don’t have the financial means to pay for the house outright.

Want to find out more about the off grid homes sold be Tiny Heirloom? Check out the manufacturer’s official website here

  1. The Living Vehicle

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between off grid living, freedom of movement, and luxury – then I would have to point you towards the Living Vehicle. I’ll hit you with the price straight away, and then talk about what you get for your money. 

So, the Living House will set you back $150,000, which, in comparison to the other homes I’ve discussed so far, is considerably more expensive. 

Off Grid Living Vehicle

However, I have to say, if you can afford it, it is literally worth every penny. 

First and foremost, the 80 square feet house-on-wheels is built by state-of-the-art aluminum tubes, subsequently ensuring super long-term durability. While 80 square feet might not sound like a lot at first glance, the general consensus is that you can just about get six people inside! 

The Living Home is also fitted with double glazed windows, meaning that you can live in the home all-year round without worrying about the cold. 

On top of this, the home also comes with a full range of premium appliances. This includes huge skylights, a full kitchen, a washing machine, tumble dryer, and even an internal vacuum system. 

Much like in the case of the off grid homes sold by Tiny Heirloom, the Living Vehicle also comes with the option of financing. 

To find out more about the Living Vehicle, alongside a full breakdown of each and every feature that comes with the $150,000 price tag, you can visit the official website here

In Conclusion

As you will see from the three off grid homes for sale that I have discussed in my guide, there really is something for everyone. My personal favourite is the Wikklehouse, not least because it offers the greatest amount of flexibility – both pre and post production. 

On the other hand, the Wikklehouse is stationary, meaning that it won’t be suitable for you if you’re looking for a sustainable house on-wheels. If you are, then you have the option of a budget-friendly Strawberry home by Tiny Heirloom at just $54,900, or the super luxurious Living Vehicle at $150,000.  

Don’t forget, regardless of which off grid home you decide to buy, you always have the option of going green with your energy consumption. Even the smallest of off grid homes allow you to install solar panels on top of the structure. This way, you can ensure that you are as close to a life of freedom as humanly possible!


Frugalic Founder David holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finance and a Master's Degree in Finance and Responsible Investment. After working for multiple startups, David started his own online marketplace for durable goods and Frugalic as an outlet for his 'research based ramblings'.

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