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Hey, I’m David – Founder and writer here at Frugality. I’m a firm believer that we as a society are accustomed to a fundamental issue – waste.  Whether it’s throwing away money on things we don’t need, or buying things that aren’t fit for purpose, I’m here to set the record straight.

The overarching objective is to help you as the reader to find the perfect balance between quality and sustainability.  In doing so, you have the chance to live a more simple, content and stress-free lifestyle.

David Frugalific Founder

I now go through a highly stringent ‘smart decision making’ process before parting with a single dollar.

This includes a full and frank assessment on whether my purchases meet the three pillars of the Frugality movement. Notably, this includes sustainability, quality and eco-friendliness.

This mantra even extends to the world of investing. I constantly ask myself questions such as “Am I investing my money into a company that shares my values?” or “Am I using a bank account that truely puts the customer before profiteering?”

By making some distinct changes in my life over the past few years, I now maximize value in each and every area of my existence.

With that being said, I decided to launch the Frugality platform as a way to share, swap, and generate knowledge. This is achieved through a plethora of opinion pieces, guides and articles, all of which I hope you find useful.

Upon reading through the material, I’d be really grateful if you could leave me some feedback. That way, I’ll be able to gauge how aligned my lifestyle is with the rest of the frugal community.

So what sort of lifestyle do I actually live? Well, apart from the monetary side of a frugal lifestyle, I also implement a range of other characteristics with the view of meeting my objective of living a simple lifestyle.

For example, I strive to spend as much time as possible outdoors, rather than being cooped up indoors watching reality TV.  I also strive to extend my simple living techniques into my diet. I try to avoid unhealthy, high-sugar fastfood joints like KFC and McDonald’s, and instead focus on cooking fresh and organic foods from scratch.

Ultimately, by living a smarter, simpler and more sustainable existence, I now get to spend my time doing the things I love.